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Title: Hunting the Snark
Author: [personal profile] tsukinofaerii
Pairing: Poly/Pack fic
Rating: Explicit
Summary: "IN A WORLD where it's summer break before senior year, ONE WEREWOLF will find that things are going pretty well, actually. His pack is closer than ever, closer than he would have dreamed back when it all started, and there's nothing to do but enjoy the weather.But, at the end of the day, instinct and nature will take their course. Because what wolves do is hunt, and this time the prey is...
Derek's dick. [drama chord]"

Length: 01:38:54
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So, this is about a YEAR late bc of podblocking family and procrastination. I apologize in advance for the editing snaffus - I don't usually re-record parts after the fact bc evening out the amplitude is fucking impossible so. :|

This fic is AMAZE and I LOVE TSUKINOFAERII and all she is and does, especially when it involves Derek/Allison in ANY COMBO AT ALL. I NEEDS MORE. ALL THE MORE. NEVER ENOUGH. PRECIOUSSSSSS. *_______*

Song used is called Tongue Tied by The Antlers. Lyrics included in podbook. Um. IDEK. I haven't actually posted to my journals in a billionity years as I always just post to AO3? Um. If any one is still out there, HI. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU. PLS TO BE VISITING ME ON THE TWITTER/TUMBLR/AO3 PLACES KUPO? <3

OH YEAH! I finally used that auponic site and it fixed up the amplitude like WHOA. VOLUMIZING. Sweet.
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