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It's been a while since I added to this list, but this one can be blamed entirely on fandom. Merlin fandom, strange as it that may be.
But the thing I'm talking about that Makes My Heart Super Happy is the word "PEEN"!

IDEFK! It just makes me smile, every time. So, I give you the word PEEN. Because.
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Title: Let's Ride This Thing Through
Author: [livejournal.com profile] tebtosca 
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17

Summary: Jensen Ackles’ ass is the reason Jared Padalecki got into porn.

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I have no explanation to give. Just...um. Yeah. Messing with coloring in PS.  I'll keep my thoughts to myself about this pic lest I get put on some list of bad people somewhere. But YAY for upcoming SDMB arts!
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I've been working on art for the SDMB and going through what seems to be billions of caps. I happened to stumble across this priceless gem and just couldn't help myself. I apologize in advance.Cut because of reference to smoking the herb. )

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I went ahead and signed up to do art for the J2 SPN BB since I'm on quite the Photoshop kick although I'm scrapping pretty much everything I've ever made in the past. 

Now all I need is my FRICKIN SCREEN CALIBRATED. It's so hard to do coloring when your screen colors are off. If *anyone* has any hints or tips, sent them my way b/c I'm going a little crazy here. LOL.  ^_^

And everyone on my flist who's writing-
You Can Do It!! Goooo Writers!
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I'm exploring icon making again . I really want colorful SPN icons but there just don't seem to be many of them out there so I've been reading tutorials and fooling around with crazy amounts of layers and textures, seeing what I can come up with.
Here's my first three (because I take a hella long time to make them as I have no clue what I'm doing). What do you think?

edit to replace with less orange Sammy, 04/20.  Oh Shit, Dude. It's 4:20!? LOL.  BBlater.  I got a...something to...do.



screencaps from homeofthenutty
textures from lj's yuhne, ohfreckle, and da's assassasin, policromo & glamourousacid

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Because I suck, but am excellent at procrastination, here are a few more icons.
These are made using the works of my second favorite photographer, Joe Oppedisano. Read more... )
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I should be working on my BB but... TT_TT
So, photoshop time.
Here. Have some icons of a few of my favorite pics by unknown photographers.
These are all models listed on ModelMayhem.com although these pics have been on my HD a while and I don't know exactly who they are. Sorry lovely-boy models for not being able to credit you. ^_~Read more... )


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