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So if you've been trying to reach me or waiting on me for something or IDK, needing me to mod things or whatever, I'M SORRY. I AM STILL WITHOUT A PROPER COMPUTER AND I MISS YOU SO MUCH AND HOLY CRAP THIS SUCKS!
So, hopefully someday soon, I'll get back on the interwebz where I can do all the things and tag all the entries and post all the podfic (and EDIT and RECORD the podfic holy shit I am BEHIND on EVERYTHING) and send everyone love and hugs but until then... :'<

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This is a great idea and so generous of fandom. I LOVE FANDOM SO MUCH! I wish I had money to give, but all I can do is pimp myself out by making podfic to try and raise funds. My thread is here if anyone is interested and please peruse the list of offers & maybe consider making your own offer! :D &hearts;

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Nov. 3rd, 2012 03:30 pm
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Just dropping a quick message to let everyone know that I am still without power. So if you'[ve been trying to contact me - yep. That's what's up. :<

HOPEFULLY SOON. HOPEFULLY. But it may be another week and we have ANOTHER storm coming n and AHHHHHH! /0\

But we're safe, keeping as bundled up as we can, and at least we have a house and a roof and nothing is flooded or anything.

<3 jENN

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Hi! :DDDDD \0/ 
My name is Jenn and if you're on my Twitter feed, you probably already know that I like FEELS and I like PORNS. (Maybe especially porns with feels. Or feels with porns.)

Um, I've requested Teen Wolf or SPN of the Wincest variety or J2. :D

For Teen Wolf, I ship pretty much all the things, but you can find recs of things I love in my AO3 bookmarks.
I'd actually just really like Teen Wolf but I put other things down because I didn't want to be super difficult for the mods.

SPN - Only Sam/Dean. p\PLEASE, no Cas. I have no wish for Cas at this time. And it's not that I dislike the character or anything, I just really don't care enough right now. My feels were broken by the past two seasons. :\

J2 - Uh, J2. So. Mostly I like the AU type of J2 so -all the tropes!

First Time fic is pretty much my most favorite thing. I'm not so keen on established relationship fics in any of my fandoms. I ALSO LOVE KNOTTING. AND SEX POLLEN. And all sorts of other stuff that are kinda kinky in a dirty-wrong but so damn right way. But no extreme underage or real non-con. The only other thing I really don't like is mpreg, regular preg, and kidfic. This is because my life IS kidfic and, um, *shrug* I got enough, k? XD

So! This was probably not helpful at all, but ^_^; THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! <3<3<3


(edited 10/14)

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For last year's [community profile] kink_bingo I recorded and published my first podfics.
A year later and 'Podficcer' is how I'd identify myself in fandom. So YAY!! IT'S K-B TIME AGAIN!

torture/interrogation electricity mirrors / doubles piercings / needleplay gender play
sensory deprivation masters doms slaves and subs fucking
emotion play danger
class fantasies teasing genital torture mechanical / technological
gags/silence bondage (other) temperature play wet
historical roleplay
roleplay confined / caged scars / scarification vanilla kink

BINGO! Well, a one-line bingo, at least. Still gonna work on that blackout.

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So, it looks like google changed the location of their audio streamer so none of my streams are currently working.

There's a super helpful fix posted here by [livejournal.com profile] argentumlupine, but it'll probably be until AO3 fixes the embedding bug they have going on before I go through and change all my links.

There is quicktime embedded into my direct links if you click on the MP3 files (not right click) and you should also be able to copy/paste the link to the MP3 files right into your address bar to play files directly from the server in the meantime, but I apologize for any pains-in-the buns you may incur. <3


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I hope this doesn't change anyone's opinion of me too badly, but I'm going to say it anyway.
*deep breath*
I have an addiction. And itMakes My Heart Super Happy )
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*I'm editing this to make it my #4 entry on 100 Things that Make My Heart Super Happy because IT DOES.* XD

I've said a few times to a few people that one day I would post a podfic out-take to show what my regular Mommy!voice sounds like. I'm not sure if this is a very good example, but IT IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE ON PODBLOCKING LIKE A ROCKSTAR. STARRING KIRA! WHO (apparently) TOTALLY ROCKS!!Read more... )
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The #2 Thing That Makes My Heart Super Happy is-
Ridiculous SingingRead more... )
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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

I'm thinking of joining, but am not sure if I'll just be boring the hell out of my flist, so I'll just put stuff behind a cut. I'm sure you guys won't mind if it's behind the scissors or adorableness.100 Things That Made My Heart Super Happy )
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If you've read a fic you've really enjoyed and would like to see podficced by me (or any other podficcer who may be perusing this post), would you maybe consider leaving a link?

There's no guarantee the story can be or will be recorded, but *recs*! Recs are great for everyone. So if you have the time, any suggestions would be appreciated.
And thanks in advance!
<3 Jenn

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(edited this 3/23 to make it sticky and again 4/28 to make un-sticky 'cause I'm sick of looking at it.)


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